29th Annual Meeting and Symposium of The Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology

Novel strategies for development of new drugs based on the underlying mechanisms of inflammation and oncoimmunology

October 15 (Fri) 2F Mugunghwa Hall
Time Title Chair
Plenary Lecture Young Jin Chun
(Chung-Ang University)
09:20~10:00 Development of CeliVax, B cell & monocyte-based cancer therapeutic vaccine: an approach to HPV-related cancer
Chang-Yuil Kang (Seoul National University)
Session I. Big Steps towards Cancer Immunotherapy
10:00~10:25 Immune modulation and disease therapy by cell-penetrating peptide applications
Je-Min Choi (Hanyang University)
10:25~10:50 Receptor signal responsive novel target for autoimmune disease treatment
Chang-Woo Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
10:50~11:05 Coffee Break  
Session II. Novel Aspects of Immune Responses Eun-Yi Moon
(Sejong University)
11:05~11:30 Protective role of Hippo signaling mediator TAZ against lung injury
Eun Sook Hwang (Ewha Womans University)
11:30~11:55 AMPK promotes anti-tumor immunity via the suppression of PD-1 in regulatory T cells mediated by the HMGCR/p38 signaling pathway
Jae-Hoon Chang (Yeungnam University)
11:55~12:20 Type 17 immunity controls anti-tumor immunity
Yeonseok Chung (Seoul National University)
12:20~13:50 Lunch  
Session III. Crossroad of Immunooncology and Applied Pharmacology Hyukjin Cha
(Seoul National University)
13:50~14:15 Therapeutic drug monitoring of monoclonal antibodies for personalized medicine
Atsuchi Yokozawa (Kyoto University)
14:15~14:40 A Novel screening method to establish tumor-targeting antibodies reliable for drug delivery system
Kazunori Kato (Toyo University)
14:40~15:05 Targeting phosphatase SHP2 as a promising strategy for inflammation-related diseases
Yang Sun (Nanjing University)
15:05~15:30 Novel anti-GARP antibody DS-1055a depletes highly suppressive GARP+ regulatory T cells and augments anti-tumor immunity
Teiji Wada (Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.)
15:30~15:45 Coffee Break  
Session IV. Industrial Dimension of Inflammatory and Immune Diseases Mirim Jin
(Gachon University)
15:45~16:10 Non-classical anti-Inflammatory drugs targeting inflammasome
Seung-Yong Seong (Seoul National University)
16:10~16:35 DWN12088, a first-in-class PRS inhibitor for the treatment of fibrotic diseases
Joon Seok Park (Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)
16:35~17:00 Targeted protein degradation: strategies to overcome current challenges
Kyung-Soo Inn (Kyung Hee University)
17:00~17:10 Break Time  
17:10~17:35 Academic Research Award Lecture Youngjoo Kwon
(Ewha Womans University)
17:35 General Assembly Donghak Kim
(Konkuk University)

Joint Symposium by KSP and KSAP & Outstanding Young Scientist

October 15 (Fri) 1F Magnolia Hall
Time Title Chair
Joint Symposium by KSP and KSAP Dong-Soon Im
(Kyung Hee University)
10:35~11:00 Sirtuin 6 promotes eosinophil differentiation and adipose browning
Eun Ju Bae (Jeonbuk National University)
11:00~11:25 Cancer research from a perspective of evolutionary toxicology
Sang-Min Jeon (Ajou University)
11:25~11:50 Molecular targeting of aberrant hippocampal neurogenesis in epilepsy
Kyung-Ok Cho (The Catholic University of Korea)
11:50~12:15 Role of neutrophils in the development of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Seonghwan Hwang (Pusan National University)
Session V. Young Investigators Hyungshin Yim
(Hanyang University)
13:40~14:05 Modulation of apoptosis to enhance CAR T cell immunotherapy
Yong Gu Lee (Hanyang University)
14:05~14:30 IKKα as an immune switch in lung tumor microenvironment
Na-Young Song (Yonsei University)
14:30~14:55 Bilirubin nanomedicines for biomedical applications
Yonghyun Lee (Ewha Womans University)
14:55~15:20 Role of mitochondria in renal inflammation and fibrosis
Ki Wung Chung (Pusan National University)
Session VI. Video Presentation of Outstanding Posters
15:20~17:00 Presented as a video of the 10 best poster

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